5 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing Your Safety Management

Are you in need of a safety manager? If so, have you considered outsourcing your safety management? While there are benefits to having an in-house safety manager, outsourcing this position also has some perks. We here at Safety Solutions and Supply have listed some reasons why you might consider hiring your safety manager from a third-party consulting service:

  1. Inability to have an in-house safety program or pay a full-time safety professionalIf you have this problem, we recommend hiring a consultant on a contract basis. You can get services such as contractor pre-qualification assistance, written safety programs reviewed and updated, accident investigations, safety training, site inspections, and more. 
  2. Your safety manager is overwhelmedIf your safety manager is temporarily struggling to complete the required task, this is an important reason to hire an outside safety professional. It’ll be a big help to your safety manager and allow you to get a second opinion on your company’s safety programs. 
  3. You only need a safety manager for a short whileIf you have a short-term project and need someone to oversee your safety management, then outsource your safety management. When you do this, you are not required to keep them on salary, give them benefits, and you can choose the services you need them to perform. 
  4. You want new insight from a fresh set of eyesWhen you outsource your safety management, you bring in someone who’s had the opportunity to see how other companies work and compare them to see which gets the best results. 
  5. Their main priority is making sure the job is completeWhen you hire a safety manager from outside, it’s their only goal to get the job done and done correctly. They aren’t distracted by other job duties and can give completely unbiased evaluations of your workplace. They also won’t be held back by company politics or department conflicts.

Safety Solutions and Supply are consulting professionals who partner directly with your business to create cost-efficient safety programs tailored to your needs. We provide expert consultation, meet and exceed regulatory requirements, and we have a cost-effective implementation of the following:

  • Site EvaluationWe provide a complete risk reduction and hazard assessment and a gap analysis report to identify necessary control measures needed.
  • Customized TrainingOur specialized safety training courses offer a positive, interactive learning environment. Our programs are industry-specific to address the challenges you and your employees face.
  • Program DevelopmentOur consultants develop written safety programs and manuals, employee training strategies, and technical support solutions customized to your company.

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