7 Steps to Creating an Effective Safety Training Program  

Safety training is a key part of any company’s safety management system and investing in workplace training is money well spent. Listed below are seven ways Safety Solutions and Supply creates an effective Safety Training Program.

  1. Determine what Safety Training is Needed: first ask yourself if training can solve the problem at hand. Training programs are most effective at addressing an employee’s lack of knowledge about proper procedures or equipment usage.
  2. Identify Workplace Safety Training Needs: Next, you’ll need to correctly identify the specific training required to address the knowledge gap.
  3. Identify Safety Training Goals and Objectives: Once training needs have been clearly identified, it is important that learning goals and objectives are set. Training objectives should precisely spell out the desired skill or behavior using specific, action-oriented language. 
  4. Develop Workplace Safety Learning Activities: Next, learning activities that support those objectives must be developed. Employers should consider which methods, materials, and resources will be needed to most effectively convey the message. The type of training chosen should be selected keeping the audience and specific skill set in mind.
  5. Conduct Safety Training: It is now time for the training to be scheduled and conducted. Training should be presented in a clear and organized fashion. Ensure that the training is related to the employee’s experience. Then follow up by reinforcing the lessons learned.
  6. Evaluate Workplace Safety Training Program Effectiveness: After training is conducted, it is vital to evaluate its effectiveness in accomplishing defined goals. You can do this by asking the trainees for feedback via questionnaire or informal discussions, by following up with supervisors and their observations about employee behavior before and after the training, or by evaluate workplace data to examine if long term there is a trend toward reduced incident or near miss rates.
  7. Improve the Safety Training Program: Last but not least, look for ways to improve based on the training program feedback. A critical re-examination of all the steps of a job and in training feedback will determine what gaps existed.

It’s a proven fact that employers with effective safety and health training programs benefit from fewer workplace injuries and claims, better employee morale, and lower insurance premiums, and Safety Solutions and Supply is proud to offer Safety Training Programs for your business. Give us a call today at 866-537-2262 or visit us online for more information.
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