Don't Miss a Step in Ladder Safety

Safety Solutions & Supply is dedicated to keeping you and your employees safe. Spreading the word about ladder safety is a key part of doing that.

There is a disagreement in the workplace about when ladders should be inspected. Some go by the rule that inspection is a last resort, while others have decided to not inspect them at all. There are many differing opinions, but the rules are what matter most, and OSHA has published a set of standards that say exactly when your ladders should be inspected.
According to the OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Standard 29 CFR 1910.23:
1. Ladders are inspected before initial use in each shift and more frequently as necessary, to identify any visible defects that could cause employee injury; and
2. Any ladder with structural or other defects is immediately tagged “Dangerous: Do Not Use,” or similar language, and removed from service until repaired.
Safety should always be your main priority. Removing a ladder from service might seem like it would hinder work efficiency, but it’s better than risking an employee injury. We recommend you make an appropriate checklist to help your employees check every part of the ladder before each use.
Taking the necessary precautions will minimize employee injuries, make it easy for supervisors to see whether ladders are safe at a glance, and keep an appropriate record to prove OSHA compliance. If an injury occurs even though you’ve taken safety precautions, you can at least rest assured that you did your part to keep your employees safe. So inspect your ladders before each use, and strive to be the safest you can be in your workplace.
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