American Heart Month: Raise Awareness of Heart Disease in Your Workplace

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States? In fact, 1 in every 4 deaths are caused by heart disease each year. February is American Heart Month, and you can do your part by bringing awareness to your workplace. We here at  Safety Solutions and Supply is looking out for you and your employees and has listed some ways to help you prevent heart disease in your workplace.
Raise Awareness About Heart Disease:

  1. Encourage families to make small changes in their diet, including a smaller intake of salt.
  2. Add information about living a healthy lifestyle to your bulletin boards or posters around the workplace.
  3. Send out a social media post to bring awareness to American Heart Month.
  4. Host a work event with healthy food or a walk-a-thon.
  5. Hold a contest to see who can reach the most pledges for a program that benefits heart health.
  6. Wear red.
  7. Hold a cook-off with healthy recipes.
  8. Partner with a local hospital to do heart-related screenings such as those for blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and body mass index (BMI).

Heart disease can be prevented if we bring awareness to people so they can make healthier eating choices and manage their health conditions. By standing together and helping our communities, friends, and families, we are doing our part.
So take action! You can be a vital part of bringing awareness by joining the American Heart Association’s nation movement to support healthier communities and healthier lives. We here at  Safety Solutions and Supply  are proud to take a stand and bring awareness to this cause. For more information or if you have any questions give us a call today at 866-537-2262.
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