Identifying Workplace Hazards

A safe workplace is the one everyone wants to work for, and in order to promote a safe workplace we need to get in the habit of identifying workplace hazards and teaching our employees to do the same. 
There are four mechanisms that support our ability to identify and resolve workplace hazards. It all starts by developing an inventory of the hazards we identify and determine what risk they represent. Then depending on the results of our assessment, the hazard must be contained until an ultimate resolution is in place. Next, similar risk must be determined and addressed as well. Lastly, communication must be made between all employees about the hazards found and the action that was taken. 
While our brains determine what it is that we see, we must condition ourselves to be observant and objective about our environment and the work activities. We must also slow down to really see and draw meaning from what we are seeing. The goal should always be to see the hazard, interpret it through risk assessment, and take action in response to the risk it represents. When we condition ourselves properly and take the time to slow down and process what we are seeing, we will be more effective at assessing the hazards that exist and the impact they will have in the workplace. 
Once the hazard has been identified, follow the four steps listed above and take the appropriate action by taking inventory, containing the hazard, finding where else it might exist, and communicating with all employees. 
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