Introducing Safety Simon

Follow along with our favorite example of occupational health and safety practices

THE TEAM at Safety Solutions & Supply is very happy to introduce to you a new colleague and super ally in the never-ending battle against workplace hazards, unsafe work practices, and noncompliance in the regulatory arena of OHS (occupational health and safety).

Please meet Safety Simon. He’s a dummy that’s not a dummy when properly and strategically employed for safety training.

The professional instructors and trainers here at Safety Solutions & Supply (SS&S) often work with Safety Simon and some of his life-size hard-plastic friends in many of our safety training and open-enrollment courses. Those courses can include Confined Space High-Angle Rescue Training, Confined Space Entrant/Attendant and Supervisor Training, Forklift-Straight Mast Training, Forklift-Extended Reach Training, Fall Protection General Application Training, Fall Protection Competent Person Training, and other general safety training.

Safety Simon is commonly used in courses to demonstrate what not to do as much as what to do. You might have noticed in the photo above that a sober-looking Simon is going without safety shoes or boots on the jobsite and relaxing on the forks of a forklift. Speaking on Simon’s behalf, our instructors would be quick to say that going without proper apparel and footwear at work and playing around mobile equipment both would be unsafe and likely grounds for disciplinary action.

When the SS&S team members started brainstorming about who or what could be their social-media mascot for company training and services, the idea for Safety Simon made perfect sense. Simon might not talk much — he’s as quiet a guy as they come — but for our training courses and demonstrations, he’s a valued member of our instructional team. His work speaks in volumes.

You might be wondering about the thinking behind Safety Simon’s name. Well, it’s “Safety” for a first name — safety first and always — and it’s “Simon” for a surname as a play on the classic game, “Simon Says.” We at SS&S wanted a mascot name that’s easy to remember and one that can help us remind others about what to do and what not to do to promote workplace safety.

For fun, here are some Safety Simon vitals:

Given name: Safety Simon

Height: Five feet, 7 inches

Weight: 155 pounds

Favorite game: “Simon Says”

Favorite colors: Neon yellow and neon orange (Can you guess why?)

Favorite pastime: Training with the SS&S team.

Stay on the lookout for workplace health and safety reminders from Safety Simon on all of our social media pages:

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