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Companies continue to be challenged by ever-changing risks, including operating in sectors that require goods and services to be sourced from a complex network of suppliers spanning across nations.

ISNetworld® and Avetta® are efficient ways for industry leaders to verify that you as a contractor meet the necessary requirements they have set for you to maintain a safe work environment. The initial setup and verification involved in subscribing to ISNetworld® or Avetta® is a time-consuming endeavor in which you may desire assistance to complete. Safety Solutions & Supply has dedicated safety professionals as a part of our team that are fluent in the process of contractor verification and are ready to help you and your organization.

ISNetworld® and Avetta® technology platforms help companies worldwide to manage risk and build resilience in their supply chains—from increasing visibility within the network to ensuring safety and sustainability. Both provide suppliers and contractors with deep discounts on insurance and safety-related products and services.

Safety Solutions & Supply works daily with customers to complete and upload safety programs, OSHA 300 Logs, insurance documentation, and other questions required to set up and maintain an ISNetworld® or Avetta® account. We strive to work with you to collect information and move through the process of completing any requirements necessary specific to your organization in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Your goal is an approved rating, and we are dedicated to getting you to that level and verified with your potential clients to assist you in growing your business.

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