March 11-17 Is Nutrition and Hydration Week

Nutrition and Hydration Week has taken place every March since 2012 with the purpose of educating people on the value of food and drink. Organizations from all around the world take part in this event by highlighting ways to maintain health and well-being through creative energy, focus, and fun.
We here at Safety Solutions & Supply strongly believe that safety is more than taking proper care of the equipment in the workplace. It also has to do with taking proper care of yourself.
The mission of Nutrition and Hydration Week is “to create a global movement that will focus energy, activity and engagement on nutrition and hydration as a fundamental element of maintaining the health and well-being for our global community.”
Awareness promotes the key characteristics for good nutritional care, standards for good nutrition in the respective settings, education for professionals on good nutrition and hydration, and by highlighting good nutrition and hydration practices.
You can get involved by spreading the word to your friends and family and encouraging those around you to get involved also. We here at Safety Solutions & Supply follow this practice by sharing with you.
When planning your Nutrition and Hydration Week, choose a clear goal about what you want to achieve first, then define who your audience is and what type of event you want to hold. Next set up a small team to help plan your week and collect the needed resources and equipment. Last but not least, let everyone know about your plans. The more the merrier, so share your event on social media and spread the word.
Nutrition and Hydration Week truly has become a global event and the goal to highlight, promote, and celebrate improvements in the provision of nutrition and hydration has brought awareness to many lives.
We here at Safety Solutions & Supply  are proud to support this week. If you have any questions about what you can do to be more involved in this week, feel free to give us a call today at 866-537-2262.
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