November Is a Great Time to Check Home Safety

Winter is the time of year when family and friends all gather for food and fellowship. That means a house full of people. We here at Safety Solutions and Supply want to help you check all the boxes on your home safety checklist for the winter and holidays.

Check out these tips from our November Safety Checklist to help you make sure your house is in top shape.

  1. Kitchen
    While we clean our kitchens on a regular basis, there are some things that just get overlooked. So, make a point today to remove all those crumbs from the bottom of your toaster, rid your pantry and refrigerator of any expired items, and clean your dishwasher to remove all that grime built up inside.
  2. Bedrooms and Living Areas
    Our pillows get used on a regular basis but how often do they get washed? You can improve your living room and bedrooms by washing all your throw pillows and blankets, rotating your mattresses, and cleaning the floor under the bed.
  3. Bathrooms
    The bathroom is one of the places that need to be cleaned the most. But when you clean, make sure to check for leaks around sinks and toilets, then run water and flush the toilets in those unused spaces.
  4. Emergency Kit
    Prepare an emergency kit for your home and car. You never know when you’ll be stuck in an emergency situation, so keep a fully stocked survival kit in your vehicle and a designated spot in your home to make sure you’re ready for any situation.

If you need any ideas or have any questions regarding the November Safety Checklist or and other training services, feel free to contact us here at Safety Solutions and Supply. For any additional information, you can reach us at 866-537-2262.
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