Observe Drive Safely Work Week With Your Employees

Drive Safely Work Week can be observed at any time during the year whenever the employer’s schedule is flexible and is sponsored by the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety, or NETS.

NETS, which was founded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, has great prepared material you can use to educate your employees on the basics of driving to make them aware of the risks involved and the facts of real-life situations.

At Safety Solutions and Supply, we encourage you to schedule a week to focus on the issue when your employees are free to attend. Then you’ll want to prepare a training workshop. During your Drive Safely Work Week, you’ll want to post different social media announcements as well as hand out employee fact sheets. This includes the NETS Parking and Backing Basics fact sheet one and two. You can also show the PowerPoint Presentation to a small group of workers at a time, so you won’t slow down workplace efficiency.

All of these resources can be found on the Network of Employers for Traffic Safety website. You can also find posters to place around the workplace about knowing the facts and the different ways technology saves lives. Various resources are also available for your assistance if you need help organizing your social media campaign for the Drive Safely Work Week.

The good thing about these campaign materials is that they reinforce the program’s safety message but do not require a lot of time so they will not hinder the efficiency of the workplace while keeping your employees safe at the same time.

If you need any ideas or have any questions about Drive Safely Work Week, feel free to contact us here at Safety Solutions and Supply. We are proud to offer extensive training services, so give us a call today at 866-537-2262 for more information.

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