Protect Your Employees From Arc Flash Injuries

Training and safety labels can go a long way in preventing injury and death.

Did you know that according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, there were 44,363 electric-related injuries that resulted in days out of work between 1992 and 2001? A total of 27,262 of the injuries were nonfatal electrical shock injuries, but electric arc flash burns caused 17,101 of the injuries. Even though you may not have experienced an arc flash injury in your workplace, increased awareness and education are key to keeping your employees safe and preventing injury. That’s why we here at Safety Solutions & Supply want to bring awareness to arc flash injuries and how to prevent them.
What Can You Do to Prevent Arc Flash Injury?
The first thing you need to do is see if an arc flash incident is possible. The National Electrical Code dictates that a flash hazard analysis be done. The results of that analysis determine the flash protection boundary. They also will determine what protective equipment workers within the flash protection boundary should use. If it is a possibility, make sure your employees have the proper protection such as voltage-rated gloves and protectors, safety glasses, flame-resistant clothing, and safety shoes.
To be even safer, put safety labels on all equipment. This will give your employees guidelines when they are working on or near the equipment. It will also tell them what protective gear they will need.
Last, but not least, train your employees. Many workers haven’t been properly trained and lack the knowledge to know when they are in danger or the correct protective items to wear. If an injury does occur, the first thing OSHA checks for are records of proper training. Your employees need to know what the labels mean, how to apply the information, and the proper safety equipment needed for each job.
When you provide training, always document it. Be sure to include the date, the names of all employees present, and every topic covered.
If you’re not sure how to properly train your employees, let Safety Solutions & Supply help! We are proud to offer various training services. Call us today at 866-537-2262 and let us answer any questions you have.
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