Know the Risks of Working With Conveyor Belts

Conveyor belts are extremely important for hauling materials. Unfortunately, they also pose the risk of danger when the belt is in motion. That’s why we at Safety Solutions & Supply are here to help you keep you and your employees safe.  
Accidents that involve a fatality happen every year at underground and surface mines. This can happen to anyone who might be working near, inspecting, or maintaining the belt. Conveyor belts range in size and can even be up to several miles long. That means it’s best to be aware of the risk for injury and the best ways to avoid it.
This risk can be reduced by implementing and following safety policies and installing proper safeguards on the equipment. The following are some suggestions for keeping your employees safe near conveyor belts.
Safety Measures for Conveyors in the Workplace

  • Require a lockout-tagout so all power is disconnected when an employee is performing repairs and or maintenance work.
  • Install the proper guardrails to keep employees away from the moving parts of the belt such as the rollers and head/tail areas.
  • Install pull-cords for emergency stops.
  • Make sure all employees are properly trained to decrease the risk of accidents.
  • Install crossovers at appropriate locations along the belt to prevent employees from crossing and injuring themselves. Areas near control centers are ideal for crossovers.
  • Install audible and visible warning systems to alert employees when the conveyor belt is about to start.

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