Safety Is No Accident; June is National Safety Awareness Month

Doing your part today can help save a life tomorrow – maybe even your own. Take the pledge.

June is National Safety Awareness Month and at Safety Solutions & Supply, we know safety doesn’t happen by accident. It is something that must be worked towards and done on purpose. That’s why the National Safety Council sponsors June as National Safety Awareness Month to bring attention to accident prevention, common safety risks, and common health risks. Safety should always be our No. 1 priority and by doing our part we could help save a life, maybe even our own.
The first step to take in creating a safer work environment, is to take the SafeAtWork pledge. By signing this pledge, you agree to never compromise your own safety or the safety of those around you in order to get the job done, to actively look for hazards, report them, and take appropriate action to warn others. You also agree to be a good safety model for any friend, family, and co-workers off and on the job.
After you and your employees sign this pledge bringing awareness to safety in the workplace, you can help bring awareness to those around you by sharing the pledge on your company’s social media pages, newsletter, and website. You can also contact those in the same work industry as you and encourage them to take the pledge.
During safety month, you can bring awareness to things such as cleaning up walkways, repairing broken flooring, making sure all ladders are inspected before and after every use. You can also make sure all safety gear is up to date and being used properly.
Working in a safe environment helps to boost the productivity and health of your employees, so take part in National Safety Awareness Month and ensure that your employees are in the best workplace around.
If you need any ideas or have any question regarding National Safety Awareness Month, contact us at Safety Solutions & Supply.
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