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Safety Solutions and Supply offers experienced Safety Consultants for site safety management, training, and equipment rentals to manage all safety-related activity on a worksite. Leading the way as central Florida’s premier provider of industrial site safety management, we utilize proven tools, techniques, safety training programs and incorporate industry best policies and practices into our processes.

The focal point of site safety, an aspect of construction-related activities, is protecting construction site workers and others from death, injury, disease, or other health-related risks. Construction is an often hazardous, predominantly land-based activity where site workers may expose themselves to various risks. Site risks can include working at height, moving machinery (vehicles, cranes, etc.) and materials, power tools and electrical equipment, hazardous substances, plus the effects of excessive noise, dust, and vibration. The leading causes of construction site fatalities are falls, electrocutions, crush injuries, and caught-between injuries.

Just as partnering with the most competent engineers and builders contributes to your project’s success, finding the right safety expert and accessing the right tools helps you keep people safe and healthy and your timeline intact. Our safety experts know their way around a construction site. Our expert safety platform empowers project owners, project management companies, general contractors, and construction companies to achieve safety-related performance goals through managing and influencing activities, behaviors, and exposure.

Ensuring safe practices protects those on-site and facilitates reliable construction processes and successful project completion. Safety Solutions and Supply takes pride in providing you with support for your construction site safety management. You’ll not only conform to industry-specific standards based on proven standards, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing your workers are protected while performing dangerous job site activities. Our construction site safety expertise and technology reduce risks and incidents. Give us a call today!

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