SiteDocs Safety Management software

Safety Management Software

More Effective Safety Monitoring
Safety Solutions & Supply in Central Florida offers SiteDocs Safety Management Software. SiteDocs allows you to monitor in real time whether documentation is being filled out and to respond quickly to hazards, incidents, or disciplinary actions happening on site. This type of monitoring brings a new type of accountability to your supervisors or sub-trades and allows you to maintain a higher standard of safety company wide.

On-Site Access to Your Safety Documents
SiteDocs for iPad gives you easy access to all your safety documents. Now your Safety Manual, Toolbox Talks, Safe Work Practices, Safe Job Procedures, MSDS sheets, and more are all just a tap away. Want to find a Safe Job Procedure on scaffolding? No problem! Simply type ‘scaffolding’ in the search bar and it’s instantly available.

Smart Employee Certifications
SiteDocs does the work of tracking each employee’s individual certifications, as well as showing you which certifications in your company are coming due for renewal.

All Your Forms are Automatically Filed
You can login from any computer’s web browser to see the forms your employees have filled out. Forms are automatically grouped by project and sorted by date or form type. You can also open employee profiles and view every form an employee has ever signed.

Learn the App in 15 Minutes or Less
There’s no elaborate training program or time off work required to learn SiteDocs for iPad. Our intuitive app paired with our step-by-step walk-through tutorial means you can use it on site in no time at all.

Use it Without the Internet
Unlike web-based applications, if you have poor cellular coverage or are working in an area with no connectivity, you can continue using SiteDocs without interruption. SiteDocs automatically syncs your forms once you reconnect to a network.

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