Confined Space and High Angle Rescue Training

Confined Space and High Angle Rescue Training

Safety Solutions and Supply offers Confined Space Rescue/ High angle training in an 8 hour refresher class and a 24 hour new responder class format that adheres to the standards outlined in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.146 as well as other applicable OSHA standards. This program includes selection of equipment, protection vs. prevention, inspections and much more. Our industrial program go way beyond merely teaching standards. The confined space/ high angle Rescue Training will place the students in real world situations and have them responding to multiple technical rescue operations.

Students must develop the fundamentals skills they will use to respond, in realistic environments under real-life conditions, we believe this is the only way students will be able to gain some of the essential experience that they will need to handle in a real-life situation.

What are the requirements for Confined Space Rescue Training?

According to OSHA 29 CFR § 1910.146 Rescue services are required the standard to practice rescues at least once every 12 months, provided that the team or service has not successfully performed a permit space rescue within that time. As part of each practice session, the service should perform a critique of the practice rescue, or have another qualified party perform the critique, so that deficiencies in procedures, equipment, training, or number of personnel can be identified and corrected. Please note, Confined Space Entry and First Aid are prerequisites for this event.

Safety Solutions Training Programs and Facilities:

Safety Solutions and Supply has built a state of the art training center in Mulberry, Florida, located on Highway 60 accessible to both Tampa and Orlando. Our state of the art facilities and our subject matter experts will ensure that your employees receive the most current training message and that the message is comprehended with regard to real world situations.Safety Solutions and Supply’s NCCER ICTP certified instructors will also perform training on specific locations based on your program needs. All students receive certification cards upon completion of the event and are recorded in our Training & Education Activity Manager (T.E.A.M.) database. The T.E.A.M database allows employees and employers to maintain an electronic registry of all training events and activities.Our goal is to make managing your training activities easy and efficient. Call today to schedule your training.