Stormseal Training

One accredited installer is required in each installation crew. Installer training takes two days for $995 per student. You will learn the required skills of a Competent Person in Fall Protection together with the installation of Stormseal.

Training is conducted by a specialist on a purpose-built roof simulator at locations around the United States. Up to 8 trainees can be accommodated in each course. While there are standard learning outcomes, the training can be customized to suit your work requirements.

The practical, hands-on training includes:

  • regulations and legislation
  • Stormseal product overview
  • Stormseal installation instruction and practice
  • risk assessment and hazard elimination
  • equipment selection and correct use
  • ladder safety training, and
  • anchor, fall restraint, and arrest systems focusing on temporary systems on residential roofs

After completing training, you’ll receive a nationally recognized Statement of Attainment issued by our Training Partner and a wallet card. You’ll also receive a unique username and password to gain access to Stormseal film and equipment via online order, where you can also purchase the Stormseal start-up kit, which has everything you need to start Stormsealing.

The specially designed strongbox holds two rolls of Stormseal and fits on a standard utility vehicle, along with all necessary tools for application.

A roll of Stormseal film is 105ft long x 14.5 ft wide (1500 sq meters) and weighs 70 pounds. A standard pallet of Stormseal will cover 37,500 square feet. Equivalent tarps weigh almost four times as much and require eight times as much storage space.

You can also make every roof your own advertising space by putting your logo on the Stormseal film in any color (conditions apply).

We also upload your company details to our site so customers can find you via the “Find an installer” zip code search function.

Safety Solutions and Supply—Make Your Safety a Company Asset

Our qualified professionals specialize in developing and supporting your company personnel through safety training programs, general consulting services, program development, and selecting the appropriate personal protective equipment for your team. Using only leading industry best practices, we are committed to creating a more productive and safe work environment within your organization and pride ourselves on our ability to create a customized safety solution tailored to your needs.

On-Demand Scheduling: Training programs can be booked on an as-needed basis—Call 866-537-2262 to schedule your next class. Three training formats are offered: on-campus training at our facility, on-site training at your company, or online training. Each student will receive a personalized training card with a log of completed classes. In addition, use our Training & Education Activity Manager (TEAM) Database to track employees’ training online.

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