Trends in … Ladders

Did you know that according to OSHA, one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities in the workplace are falls from portable ladders? Because of this, safety companies have taken the initiative to find innovations to make the ladder a safer piece of equipment. These  improvements are focused on reducing injury by finding solutions to the most common causes of ladder injuries. Here are some of the improvements you might notice: 

  • Weight reduction
    The addition in lightweight fiberglass materials have allowed ladder companies to make lighter ladders and therefore reduce injuries as a high percentage of ladder injuries occur because of the size and weight of the larger ladders. By making them more lightweight, it will prevent any unnecessary injury due to size. 
  • Ground Cue
    Have you ever stepped off of the ladder before getting to the bottom step? This is a very common injury related accident as it has caused twisted ankles, backward falls, or even bruising. To prevent injuries like these, ladder companies have changed the bottom step of the ladder so that it clicks when stepped on it. This will signal the user that it is safe to step off.  


  • Additional stability
    Workplace conditions do not always allow for level ground and employees have had to use bricks, boards, etc to help level their ladder. This is an accident waiting to happen, that is why ladder companies are starting to manufacture ladders equipped with leveling devices to provide a wider, level base.

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