Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

In construction, employees are under constant pressure from deadlines or budgets and safety can often be forgotten. According to OSHA, “Out of 4,779 worker fatalities in private industry in 2018, 1,008 or 21.1% were in construction — that is, one in five worker deaths last year were in construction.” Therefore, site safety in the construction industry should be a top priority. We here at Safety Solutions and Supply want to share with you 4 ways you can improve your construction site safety. 

  1. Set Safety Expectations.
    OSHA provides set guidelines for the construction industry. By reinforcing these regulations and going the extra mile to make sure management is leading by example and making safety a number one priority, construction sites will be well on their way to a safer workplace. If you need help creating a safety plan, use OSHA’s website for information regarding emergency planning, tool and equipment safety, ladder safety, and personal protective equipment. 
  2. Promote a Nonthreatening Environment.
    By building trust and maintaining relationships, you’ll be able to influence the safety and productivity of your employees. You can encourage employees to speak up concerning safety hazards, help employees to feel comfortable asking questions and raising safety concerns without fear of retaliation. Managers should also make it a habit to provide feedback and approach employees in a positive manner. 
  3. Plan Ahead.
    Make sure all approvals are completed before work begins, install nets and catch platforms to prevent falls, stock each area with the necessary equipment and PPE, and make sure employers have the right tools for the task at hand. 
  4. Keep Safety Easy to Understand.
    Make sure safety is clear and easily understood by having an effective communication system at all times. Be sure the proper safety signs and labels are in place, and instructions are attached to all equipment. 

By having a safe construction site, you’ll be able to minimize downtime, reduce the risk of injury, and  improve the overall safety. If you have any additional concerns, feel free to visit us online, check out our training services, or give us a call here at 866-537-2262. 
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