What are the best construction-related apps of 2018? Website lists tell all

YES, THERE’S AN APP for that — and they include a constantly growing list mobile-computing applications for the fields of construction, engineering, and even occupational health and safety.

Which apps are tops — must-haves for your smartphone, tablet, and/or laptop? Well, you could spend hours asking your buddies or colleagues in construction for their thoughts and suggestions, or you can quickly get some reviews by hopping on the Internet and doing some searches. Search-engine queries for “top 10 construction apps” or “best construction apps” will yield a lot of results. For the best advice, try to stick with independent and unbiased reviews and lists and shy away from those with an obvious marketing or sales push behind them.

Here at Safety Solutions & Supply, we did our own searches for “2018 top 10/best construction apps” and found these among the results (just to name a few):

  • Top 10 Construction Apps for 2018 from TSheets (by Quicken) — Link

  • Construction Apps from Software Advice — Link

  • Construction Apps That Every Builder Must Have from The Balance/Small Business — Link

  • Top 10 Construction Apps for 2018 from CCE (Construction & Civil Engineering) News — Link

  • Top 10 Best Construction Apps for 2018 (and Beyond) from Construction Hub — Link

  • Best Construction Apps for 2018 from ModSpace — Link

With no particular ranking order and just for the purpose of sampling, here are some of the app titles that appear on the lists above:

  • Fieldwire — Link

  • DEWALT Mobile Pro — Link

  • e-Builder — Link

  • PlanGrid — Link

  • virLaser Level — Link

  • Concrete Foundation Estimator — Link

  • FallSafety Pro — Link

  • First Aid by American Red Cross — Link

  • OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool — Link

Do you have a favorite, must-have, or frequently used app for your construction-related tasks? We would be interested in knowing about it. With our thanks in advance, you can e-mail us by contact form at https://solutionsinsafety.com/contact/.